Products in the school sector are designed to protect students and staff while on property.
These same products are used in the security sector and are designed to support policing
and security efforts across a wide range of industries. For Schools and Security our products
provide real-time solution and forensic review support for individual safety and surveillance needs.


In the United States, there have been well-publicized shootings at schools which resulted in the deaths and injuries to hundreds of children. Many State Governments have set aside funding for individual schools to use technology for a safer school environment.

These same issues are problems for hospitals, retirement homes and long-term care facilities

Our Aegis suite of applications include:


A facial recognition tool that operates “on the fly” and will be used to alert school officials if anyone from the local Sex Offenders Registry enters a school or if any suspended students, fired employees, known gang members or an affiliate enters a school.


A shape recognition tool that will alert school officials if any of the top 10 guns used in school shootings are recognized within the school – semi automatic and revolver handguns, pump shotguns and an AR 15 type rifle.

A forensic search engine that will be able to review video unattended and search for specific people.


The aim of this solution is to detect and characterize intrusions by people in critical zones such as computer labs or storage areas to trigger alarms. This makes it possible to monitor perimeter zones or so-called critical zones.


The first hours of an investigation are vital. This solution enables investigators to save valuable time by carrying out an initial analysis on bulk images by automatically extracting key persons of interest identified by investigators, such as a facial characteristic. The solution filters out images not matching the criteria and directs investigators to the most likely images.