SN Technologies Corp. develops products supporting gaming operations. The applications focus on providing operators with tools to propel their business to operational excellence, and at the same time protect revenue.

Game Statistics

Our Game Statistics module provides unique value to a gaming operator when assessing table operations.  The three key benefits come from a clear understanding of game (square) occupancy for any day of the week and for any time of day.  With the accompanying Profit module an operator can request detailed square play, number of wagers, utilization of table play, speed of play etc.  This allows the operator to focus on 3 areas of benefit related to cost management and player experience:


Labour Management, since the operator can access play demand by square, by table, by game type or across the floor, the operator now has the tools to measure supply versus demand and to optimize labour costs in relation to table play.  This is something that has never been available with a few clicks to a level of detail for any day, time, week, month for table games.  Traditionally table operators build a supply model based on normalized demand measurements for table play and assume the variance is not great enough to access further.  However, studies have shown that with detailed table by table, game by game and overall demand assessment, operators can find labour savings of 10% or more if information on supply is easily available.


The second area of benefit may actually be the largest level of benefit.  Given the competitive nature of gaming and the need to offer “complimentaries” to players, casinos have worked hard at identifying key measurements used for “complimentaries” for table games.  These usually include the theoretical loss for a player at a particular game.  Two key measurements are required for this assessment — the total number of decisions played and the amount wagered on average per decision.  Our Game Statistics module provides very accurate measurements on the number of decisions played, a measurement which is estimated in the industry as being overstated by as much as 20% or more.  With this accurate measurement back to any square for any time, an operator is able to better calculate the value for any player when matching this information with the table games system which has an estimate of wager already.  This value adjustment in “complimentaries” is estimated to be in the range of 3 to 5 percent of overall table win depending on the percentage allocated to comps for table players.


The last area of value game stats provides is in measuring costly side wager options for a casino.  Today it is very hard to get a clear understanding of the number of side wagers that occur and therefore it is hard to determine if the value of the side wager covers the potential benefit of the additional amount wagered and the higher hold percentage often associated with the wagers.  Having this detail as a summary, to a game type, to a table or even a player for any time of day or day of the week will help determine if costs related to side wagers for various games makes the investment worthwhile from a cost prospective.