A Virtual Security Guard for Every Camera


Our Products are designed to protect individuals and assets
in a variety of sectors including education, healthcare,
retailers and the casino sector. Our products provide real-
time alerts and forensic review support for individual safety
and surveillance needs.

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Mass shootings, terrorism, industrial espionage, violent crime, shoplifting,
employee theft, senior care, child exploitation and identity theft are issues
that affect, schools, hospitals, retailers, casinos and law enforcement.

AEGIS is a suite of security designed to interact with your current CCTV network and is agnostic to camera brand.


Our Aegis suite of applications include:

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A facial recognition tool that operates “on the fly” with incredible accuracy.
It creates alerts in real time to ensure that only those who should be there, are
there. It can identify trespassers, banned individuals or known threats.

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A shape recognition tool that will alert security or police any time a gun is in
hand – semi automatic and revolver handguns, pump shotguns and an AR 15
type rifle.

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A forensic search engine that will be able to quickly review video unattended
and search for specific people to assist investigators and police freeing up
resources to do more valuable investigative work.



The aim of this solution is to detect and characterize intrusions by people in critical zones such as computer labs or storage areas to trigger alarms. This makes it possible to monitor perimeter zones or so-called critical zones.


The first hours of an investigation are vital. This solution enables investigators to save valuable time by carrying out an initial analysis on bulk images by automatically extracting key persons of interest identified by investigators, such as a facial characteristic. The solution filters out images not matching the criteria and directs investigators to the most likely images.